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Range Etiquette and Safety Rules
  1. Keep the action of your gun open except when it is your turn to fire. 

  2. Keep your gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

  3. Hearing protection and safety glasses are required for any person on or near the shooting areas (including spectators).

  4. Never load a shell into any part of your gun until on your post or station.

  5. For 16 yard and Handicap shooting, load 1 round at a time. For Doubles, Continental, and 5-Stand, do no load more than 2 rounds.

  6. Do not change stations with a live or empty round in the chamber or magazine.

  7. Do not change stations until the puller tells you to move. When moving from Station 5 to Station 1, walk behind the other shooters.

  8. In the event of a misfire or weak report, always check your barrel for obstructions.

  9. Only shooters and the puller should be on the ranges.

  10. Always stay clear of the target windows and trap machines.

  11. Be observant of others on the ranges.

  12. The maximum load is 3 dram equivalent, and shot no larger than 7½. We want to keep the shot on our own property.

  13. No Singles, Handicap, Continental, Doubles, or 5-Stand squad will consist of more than 5 shooters.

  14. Do not pick up your empty shells until the squad is done shooting. Pick up only your own cases, others may want theirs.

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