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Field Rules

  • Do not sign up for more than one event a time and be ready to shoot when your squad is called to the line. Don't hold up your squad. Have your glasses on, ear plugs in, the correct choke(s) in your gun, and plenty of shells.

  • Do not raise your gun, wave your gun, or move around until the shooter ahead of you has fired.

  • Remain on your post, standing facing the trap quietly, until the fifth person has fired their fifth shot. Then, move to the next station. Don't attempt to leave the line until the last shot is fired.

  • If you are lead off, do not fire until you have checked and ensured that all members of the squad are on their post and ready.

  • When going from post 5 to post 1, always turn to the right to avoid pointing your gun at other shooters. Walk behind the shooters to post 1.

  • If a delay occurs on the line, remove all shells from your gun and load again once the delay is over.

  • Don't 1) talk to yourself or other shooters 2) raise and lower your gun while on the line; it can be distracting to other shooters.

  • Shooters are usually happy to let you have a look at their gun, BUT ask permission first.

  • Be sure to pick up all your fired shells, before leaving the field. 

  • Always be courteous to other shooters. What goes around, comes around!

  • If you are shooting a semi-automatic or pump, be sure that your ejected shells don’t hit other shooters or their guns. Try to maintain the rhythm of the squad when it is your turn to fire. Do not distract the other shooters with unnecessary talk or antics on the firing line.

  • If you bring your dog, be sure that it doesn’t disturb the other shooters. Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse and owners should pick up their droppings around the clubhouse and shooting stands.

  • Above all else, HAVE FUN!

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